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You and your family are of utmost importance to Spicewood Plumbing. We strive to build a relationship built on trust and integrity, treating you like our family. Our goal is to provide efficient, quality service for generations – yours and ours! Experience the difference today.

Drain Cleaning & Repair

Get things moving in the right direction! Slow drains, greasy clogs, and burst pipes are no match for our expert teams. Get your life back with just one call. We can help!

Leak Repair

Protect your pocketbook and peace of mind. Let us put an end to running toilets, leaking pipes, and dripping faucets. Deceptively expensive, these little “annoyances” quickly add up to higher water and power bills – or worse – a remodeling nightmare. One call protects all!

Pipe Repair/Replace

Updating leaky or lead pipes is not only good for your family’s health, it’s great for your investment – your home’s value. While plumbing materials are sturdy and made to last for decades, they need maintenance and replacement with use and age. Experience the upgrade water pipe replacement can make to your family’s comfort and safety.

Water Heaters

Cold showers and dirty clothes don’t have to be your “new normal.” If you’re experiencing these things or seeing discolored water from your hot water tap, that’s a sign your hot water heater needs repair or replacement. Call us for an assessment today.

Water Softener Repair

Don’t live with the harsh effects of hard water on your hair, skin, clothing, and dishes! Let us restore and maintain your water-softening system. Mineral buildup is unsightly, unhealthy, and costly. Don’t worry. We’ve got this!

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